Whiskey Luck (Original Character)

Whiskey Luck Traits

Whiskey Luck Traits

Whiskey Luck

Introducing my original character, Whiskey Luck! No, he does not look like all those four quick sketches LOL. The sketches here is a draft for me to get the feel of the character. At the moment I am still deciding the look of the character. He is the main character and also a villain.

A rough idea of his background:

Luck Whiskey was given under the care of his poor middle-aged uncle, Vaught Whiskey when his parents mysteriously disappeared. Vaught loves to frequent the gambler’s den. Luck grew up observing the best underworld casino players and started playing his first game at the age of two. One day, Vaught failed to pay up after a huge loss in poker. Vaught was chased and killed by a gang of gamblers while dragging Luck along. His bloodied hand still held Luck as Luck stared in horror while Vaught was being butchered alive. Luck was taken away and raised by the head gambler, Nimph . He was forced to work by winning at poker to repay Vaught ‘s dues and will be beaten if he loses.

Luck became  a resentful, maniacal teenager but was a poker genius as he remained unbeaten at his age. Luck plotted to kill Nimph and successfully poisoned Nimph after he drank his favourite whiskey. Luck watched as Nimph collapsed and poured the remaining whiskey over Nimph’s body. He then burned the body and it was regarded as an accident. However, given his background, there were rumours of him plotting Nimph’s murder and people feared him. Luck took over Nimph as the leader of the gambler’s den of Mirryr by default. Many tried to kill him but he outsmarted them. He grew into a young adult who dominated all the underworld casinos of Spain and became a mysterious, respected and dangerous figure.

To be continued maybe…


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