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Dynasty Warriors Zhao Yun (Draft)

Zhao Yun (Draft)

Zhao Yun (Draft)

I had been playing Dynasty Warriors at my friend’s place yesterday and decided to draw Zhao Yun, the main character in the game.

Zhao Yun’s history:

A coloured version coming soon.

Whiskey Luck Rough Sketch

Whiskey Luck

Whiskey Luck

Just a rough and quick sketch of my original character, Whiskey Luck. For his background, check out here

More of his profile to be revealed next time.

Smell Six Senses v2 Quick Sketch

Mouse Smell  Quick Sketch

Mouse Smell Quick Sketch

Six Senses v2: A work-in-progress and quick sketch of a mouse for the human sense “Smell”.

Beach Panorama

Bondi Beach Panaroma

Bondi Beach Pan0rama

Here is another beach panorama. Consists of 4 images manually taken with my camera and combined in Photoshop. Click on the image for full view please. Cheers.

Bondi Beach Panorama


Beachview Panorama

Behold, a photo this time. A quick panorama consisting of three photos manually compiled in Photoshop. Click image for full view please.

The Hierarchy



It is finished, checking my improvement over the year. Click image for full view pls. Here are the details:

1st Work: A Hierarchy Within (June 2011)
2nd Work: Escaping the Hierarchy (Sequel) (Oct 2012)

A Hierarchy Within: Centaur is controlled by the puppeteer and has no emotions of its own.

Escaping the Hierarchy: Centaur destroyed the painting and broke free trying to escape. All its animal instincts and emotions came back, it is transformed.

Larger resolution available at my portfolio

Escaping The Hierarchy (50% Completed)

Escaping The Hierarchy (50% Completed)

Escaping The Hierarchy (50% Completed)

I guess I should post something. I am still working on the “Escaping The Hierarchy” illustration (50% completed)  and a new illustration collaboration with a friend. As for this centaur artwork, I am still unsure how the final design and background will look like but I have a rough idea which I will continuously experiment on.

Escaping The Hierarchy (Draft)

Escaping The Hierarchy Draft

Escaping The Hierarchy Draft

Hi there, Escaping The Hierarchy is an illustration (part 2) and a continuation of my illustration “The Hierarchy Within” done in year 2011.  This is a draft and the details/changes will be made through the painting itself. This draft seems faster and easier than expected, I think it must be the result of drawing a lot of  horse-like creatures  lol (counted around four in total excluding this xD). Practice makes perfect!! Done directly in Photoshop.

Mooncake Festival Monsta Quick Sketch (11mins)

Moon Festival Monsta Quick Sketch (11mins)

Moon Festival Monsta Quick Sketch (11mins)

Happy early mooncake festival! I have stuffed myself with lots of mooncakes. Anyway, here is a quick sketch/doodle (11mins), something I need to do now and then to keep my creative juices flowing :b It is a mooncake monster.