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Santa The Boxer Quick Sketch 15mins

Santa The Boxer Quick Sketch 15mins

Santa The Boxer Quick Sketch 15mins

Today’s drawing is the result of a very bad pun. I’ve been thinking about Boxing Day which happens right after Christmas. Boxing + Christmas = Santa the Boxer. Geddit, geddit? *Facepalm*

I went to Boxing Day sales for the very first time on Boxing Day itself and I vowed never to go again. Mental crowd = Me going mental with headaches. People were queuing just to get inside the shop. And if it’s a clothing store, they will need to queue again just to try on the clothes which they may or may not even buy. Many of the items weren’t exactly cheap even after the discounts. I kept thinking that they probably raised the prices just to be able to put a huge discount on them to lure suckers in.


Werewolf Quick Sketch 33mins

Werewolf 33mins Quick Sketch

Werewolf 33mins Quick Sketch

A 33mins quick sketch of a werewolf done in Photoshop.

Crazy-Arsed Chicken 11mins Quick Sketch

Crazy-Assed Chicken 11mins Quick Sketch

Crazy-Arsed Chicken 11mins Quick Sketch

There’s been much talk about roosters and crazy birds lately. A quick sketch of a crazy rooster done  in 11 minutes. Inspired by this Lady Gaga crazy bird video:

I can’t stop watching it. It is hilarious and the bird looks a lot like Lady Gaga.

A Sister Remembered (Speedpaint)

A Sister Remembered

A Sister Remembered (Speedpaint)

Crisp and dried,

Autumn has passed and cried,

Winter washes over,

As my one who has fled; my flower,

Filled with rain; filled with shine,

Forever our lives entwined,

Arms in arms, the fight to flight,

She fought the wind with her might,

As days passed, her memories  remembered,

My sister; my one forever loved.

Miss Right Cyborg Love

Miss Right Cyborg

Miss Right

Decided to paint this: Sketch

Yup, that’s what I had been working on for the past few days. I am still undecided if this is going to be the final image or if more details will be added later. Whichever it is, the final will be available at my portfolio in due time.