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5 Underrated and Overrated Animated Cartoons

Underrated (Hardly mentioned)

  1. Emperor’s New Groove – It’s funny, it’s nice but not many has heard of it
  2. The Rescuers – Animation is superb, so is the story yet not many knows this
  3. Wreck-It-Ralph – Heartwarming and something different
  4. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – Inspirational; four-legged creatures aren’t easy to animate but this looks beautifully done
  5. Balto – Strong animation, motivational story.

Overrated (Seen too much hype and fan stuffs on it)

  1. Frozen – Sure, the animation is beautiful but the story isn’t worth the hype (or this is probably due to the singing). The story felt similar to Brave.
  2. Rise Of The Guardians – It felt childish, definitely not recommended for adults. Animation and graphics are great. Typically, all other guardians look like weaklings as opposed to Jack.
  3. Brave – all over the place and predictable story, cliche main character
  4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. I just don’t think it is worth that much attention.
  5. Kungfu Panda – Insulting stereotype with an unappealing main character and predictable storyline.

Leviati (Realistic Version) + Learning Zbrush!



Stylised version:

I started learning Zbrush a week plus ago. What better way to learn than creating a 3D model at the same time?

However, there are…


  1. Zbrush is a 2.5D program not 3D so for any 3D users, forget anything you ever know about 3D interfaces (well, most of it) and start anew.
  2. For whatever reason, you decided to play with the UI and screwed it up, use this magic trick:
    • Restore default interface -> Preferences -> Config -> Restore Standard UI
  3. In order to not render out jagged lines, Double your document size and render it in AAHalf. Smooth lines here I come.
  4. CNTRL+N, CNTRL+N, CNTRL+N! Remember this, it’s going to be one of the most used shortcut. It clears the canvas for progression.
  5. I’ll keep you posted.