Update on 25/2/2022: Gosh, my English was horrendous, I corrected it 😛

Hello humans and mutants alike, meet Faye Yeo! I’m a Malaysian graphic designer with digital media knowledge from UNSW, Australia. For my portfolio (commercial and personal), head here.

I enjoy joking and socialising with people. I am also very passionate about design, photography, games, music and movies. During my free time, I would improve my skills, collect and review digital art. When I am not around technology, I would play basketball and badminton, gym, shop, draw and read books. Used to, I am too busy now 😛

I created this blog some time ago, but officially blogged from 1st June 2012.

My favourite colours, pastel blue, silver and white, shaped my logo. The logo is a flower that symbolises the “Y” letter.

This blog serves as a space to communicate my ideas, address technical issues/processes and display my works-in-progress. Feel free to contact me regarding freelance work or any professional enquiries.

Thanks, that’s all!

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