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Mostar Panorama


Taken with Sony A6000 in Mostar, Bosnia. Manually stitched two photos in Photoshop. More at

Laotian Wat in Luang Prabang

Laotian Wat

A panoramic view of a wat (a Buddhist monastery or temple) in Luang Prabang, Laos. There are a lot of French and Buddhist influences here.

Sekinchan Panorama

Sekinchan Panorama

Stitched from seven 16:9 photos. It was a really hot day.

Remarkables Panorama


Remarkables Panorama

Panorama manually composed from 6 photos.

Blue Mountains Panorama

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Click on photo for full view of the panorama. Manually composed with 6 images.

Beach Panorama

Bondi Beach Panaroma

Bondi Beach Pan0rama

Here is another beach panorama. Consists of 4 images manually taken with my camera and combined in Photoshop. Click on the image for full view please. Cheers.

Bondi Beach Panorama


Beachview Panorama

Behold, a photo this time. A quick panorama consisting of three photos manually compiled in Photoshop. Click image for full view please.