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Tadom Glamping Panorama

Tadom Glamping Panorama

This photo’s taken with Fujifilm XT-30 camera. The place advertised itself as resort but glamping is a more accurate term for it. There are fun outdoor activities but sleeping there was no fun. By the time I came home, my body’s bitten by sandflies. Sandfly bites are worse than mosquitoes. They’re itchy and can spread if you scratch. They also last longer than mosquito bites and can leave marks.

Mostar Panorama


Taken with Sony A6000 in Mostar, Bosnia. Manually stitched two photos in Photoshop. More at

Laotian Wat in Luang Prabang

Laotian Wat

A panoramic view of a wat (a Buddhist monastery or temple) in Luang Prabang, Laos. There are a lot of French and Buddhist influences here.

Sekinchan Panorama

Sekinchan Panorama

Stitched from seven 16:9 photos. It was a really hot day.

Remarkables Panorama


Remarkables Panorama

Panorama manually composed from 6 photos.

Blue Mountains Panorama

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Click on photo for full view of the panorama. Manually composed with 6 images.

Beach Panorama

Bondi Beach Panaroma

Bondi Beach Pan0rama

Here is another beach panorama. Consists of 4 images manually taken with my camera and combined in Photoshop. Click on the image for full view please. Cheers.

Bondi Beach Panorama


Beachview Panorama

Behold, a photo this time. A quick panorama consisting of three photos manually compiled in Photoshop. Click image for full view please.