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My Definition of A Quick Sketch

definition of quick sketch



The 5 mins sketch above is a quick study on different types of houses.

Right, I have always done quick sketches but I just realised that my definition of a quick sketch slightly differs from the generic term of what a quick sketch is:

1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
2. A brief general account or presentation; an outline.
My definition of a quick sketch
A drawing done as quickly as possible with mistakes and all but the outline and overview of the drawing can be easily recognised and gets the message across.





Larger Res: portfolio

Fatopia Work-In-Progress


Fatopia WIP

First drawing in months. Most likely buying a new laptop tomorrow. Finished illustration coming soon.

The Lost Children of Athuriel

The Lost Children of Athuriel

The Lost Children of Athuriel

The illustration is completed! I will be testing out a different medium for the time being.

Nimpus Dimpus (2011)

The problem with being a perfectionist is that I will not post something up until I am satisfied with it. I have learnt to use this to my advantage though. So, please bear with me while I continue working on the new illustration. In the mean time, check out what I found in my stash of art, Nimpus Dimpus!

Nimpus Dimpus

Nimpus Dimpus

It was done in 2011 (2 years ago); I was thinking of improving it since it will be a waste to see the creative ideas left as they are, and probably reduce the file size as I go along with it too – 296mb.

Nimpus Dimpus is the land of dreams and nightmares.

A Sister Remembered (Speedpaint)

A Sister Remembered

A Sister Remembered (Speedpaint)

Crisp and dried,

Autumn has passed and cried,

Winter washes over,

As my one who has fled; my flower,

Filled with rain; filled with shine,

Forever our lives entwined,

Arms in arms, the fight to flight,

She fought the wind with her might,

As days passed, her memories  remembered,

My sister; my one forever loved.

Landscape Painting


Landscape Painting

It is finished! For works in progress, check out here and here. A higher resolution will be available at my portfolio soon.

Landscape Painting WIP 60% completed

Landscape Painting WIP 60% Completed

Landscape Painting WIP 60% Completed

I recently continued working on this landscape painting after leaving it be for a while. For a previous post (20% completed) to this, check it out here

Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting (20% Completed)

Landscape Painting (20% Completed)

Hi, this is what I have been working on amidst being busy with work. It’s my first time painting a landscape (Initially, I have no idea how to start lol). Landscape painting is roughly 20% completed. I will be showing the stages and work-in-progress for this in several posts.

Wretched Being (‘Rose’ Tree)

Wretched Being ('Rose' Tree Sketch)

Wretched Being (‘Rose’ Tree Sketch)

Why did you cut me down? But don’t worry. I’m ok.

I’ve re-pieced myself from roses. I’m ok.

Unaware passersby, I’ve eaten them. It’s ok.

They’re my roses, my beautiful hair. It’s ok.

You’ve awaken my beauty. It’s ok.