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Archaeopteryx Hybrid (1hr 31mins Sketch) WIP

This is a continuation of the sketch from this post: 16mins Sketch

After further brainstorming, I decided to change the gender, age and species to a clumsy female youngling. I wanted a challenge. Neither acknowledged by humans nor Archaeopteryx, it has to learn how to live in the dangerous world.

I guess this falls into the survival genre.

It is not easy combining two species that have anatomies from both extreme ends. The way the human joints bend are the exact opposite of how the Archaeopteryx’s joints work in various areas.

More to come…



16mins Sketch (Work in Progress)

I’m back! 🙂

A 16 mins work-in-progress, will post more. Somehow watching Fast and Furious 8 triggered my need to draw something.

Sketch or Paint? (52 Project)

Sketch Or Paint?

Sketch Or Paint?

Week 3’s entry for 52 Project. I wanted to sketch and paint so I decided to do both.

Bonerider (52 Project)



Here is last week’s entry for the 52 Project! It is another speedpaint.

Happy Chinese New Year!

A recap of the first entry: Glamouras

Piggy Bear

Piggy Bear Needle Felting

Piggy Bear Needle Felting

I have a new hobby, needle felting!

This piggy bear is my first attempt at it. I have yet to figure out where to get better quality wool x)

It is a good hobby for releasing stress! The process feels a bit like poking at a voodoo doll haha.



Untitled Illustration (Work in Progress)

Illustration in Progress

Illustration in Progress

I was determined to get out of my drawing procrastination. I started with the left image below:

Untitled Progress

Untitled Illustration Progress

I wasn’t sure what I was going to draw at first but ideas slowly formed, I just knew I had to start drawing something lol. I almost gave up to procrastination but persisted.

It slowly formed into the first image above but I have still not settled on a name for this, hence “Untitled”. This can be considered as one of the fastest speedpaint I’ve ever done. Still a work in progress, more updates to come.

4 mins Hand Quick Sketch

4 mins quick sketch

quick sketch

Nothing like good ol’ fashion practice. A  four minutes quick sketch taken with my camera since I no longer have a scanner (I do intend to get one soon!)

Dwelf, The Inquisitor



Started drawing again! My Inquisitor from Dragonage Inquisition. I played a dwarf and an elf, so I decided to combine them into one.

It is quite a nice game but it has annoying bugs here and there.

Leviati (Realistic Version) + Learning Zbrush!



Stylised version: https://ysfaye.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/3d-leviati-final/

I started learning Zbrush a week plus ago. What better way to learn than creating a 3D model at the same time?

However, there are…


  1. Zbrush is a 2.5D program not 3D so for any 3D users, forget anything you ever know about 3D interfaces (well, most of it) and start anew.
  2. For whatever reason, you decided to play with the UI and screwed it up, use this magic trick:
    • Restore default interface -> Preferences -> Config -> Restore Standard UI
  3. In order to not render out jagged lines, Double your document size and render it in AAHalf. Smooth lines here I come.
  4. CNTRL+N, CNTRL+N, CNTRL+N! Remember this, it’s going to be one of the most used shortcut. It clears the canvas for progression.
  5. I’ll keep you posted.

Valar (Male Arya Stark)

Arya Stark (Male Version)

Arya Stark (Male Version)

Drawn directly in Photoshop. I find this hard as I wanted to maintain Arya’s features yet make her male. If I make her more masculine, it wouldn’t look like her anymore. If I maintain most of her features, he’ll probably look nothing like a male. The wolf shadow represents her shadow and Nymeria. All in all, good practice haha.