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Sakura Falls

Sakura Falls

Taken with the camera Sony a6000.

Watch Scarf Strap

Watch Scarf Strap

Watch Scarf Strap

I wasn’t willing to wait a couple of months and fork out a few hundred bucks for the strap replacement. So, I stole my mum’s scarf (with her permission) and made a watch strap 😛

It is also hassle-free and washable.

Week 4: Easter Snowball

Easter Snowball

Easter Snowball

Happy birthday and Easter! Inspired by the character Snowball. 2nd attempt at needle felting (using higher quality felt next time). The original expression looked too innocent so I crazified it 😛


Sketch or Paint? (52 Project)

Sketch Or Paint?

Sketch Or Paint?

Week 3’s entry for 52 Project. I wanted to sketch and paint so I decided to do both.

Bonerider (52 Project)



Here is last week’s entry for the 52 Project! It is another speedpaint.

Happy Chinese New Year!

A recap of the first entry: Glamouras

Glamouras (52 Project)


Glamouras (52 Project)

Starting of the 52 Project (once per week). Trying something new with the first one.


Keep Calm And Domo On!

Keep Calm And Domo On Speedpaint 12mins

Keep Calm And Domo On Speedpaint 12mins

I have always wondered how one of my favourite characters, Domokun would look like with hair. I have satisfied my curiosity with this 12 minutes speedpaint!

Cute Macarons

Cute Macarons

Cute Macarons

Just nice, not too sweet. Flavours consist of Bailey’s, Earl Grey, Rose, Lavender, to name a few…

2015 Web Design Trends

Hi guys! I have started working on a personal illustration again (after goodness knows how long haha – too busy yeah). In the meantime, what I’ve observed as a web design trend in 2014 was plenty of parallax websites.

I’m not saying they aren’t creative, it’s just that someone with a short attention span like me or just happens to have shitty internet, will not appreciate them as much and just want to get the nitty gritty details in a flash.

Hence in 2015, my prediction of web trends (to name a few) is as follows:

  1. Parallax websites will still increase but probably not as much hype as it was in 2014
  2. Simplicity is key; designs that are suitable for all screen sizes, responsive ones will be evident.
  3. Typography. In the past due to limited web technology, there can only be so much choices for fonts until now. Larger text too. People are complaining about their eyesight. Jokes. Google Fonts will be your best friend: https://www.google.com/fonts
  4. Flat designs, introduced by Microsoft, Apple and Google. This year, we will be introduced to Windows 10 which I am sure will feature more flat designs. Read more here: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/google-apple-microsoft-flat-design/
  5. UI animations even minor ones, anything to bring your short attention span back to them.
  6. Full image backgrounds. Videos for backgrounds. Or the exact opposite, nothing for backgrounds. It’s all about backgrounds.
  7. Hidden menus. Like a ninja but an unsuccessful one.
  8. Performance and speed is key here. Sometimes you can’t help it through a third party hosting though.

Here are several insie winsie examples:

Ruthless Spartans vs Cuddly Hipsters


The cute designs and funny title won me over.



It’s shopping. Need I to say more?



A creative play on the website link. Also, nice drawings.

I am sure there are plenty more web design trends to come, feel free to list them out.

I know my website is also due for an update (site design and projects) but I will get to that..eventually. One fine day. Haha.


How To Develop A Designer’s Mind

Know how people say art is subjective? Well, here is how to view art from a designer’s mind:

In order to design, first of all, we need to change our general way of thinking. For example, we do not view the art personally (this does not mean that we do not put in any emotion at all). What do I mean by that? Take a look at this scenario:

Mr.A and Mr. B were each given a photo of their friend to edit. 

Mr.A: “I can’t do it, he keeps staring at me in this photo!”

Mr.B: “Oh, John’s gaze is intense. Hmmm, the eyes will need to blend in with this background though…”

See the difference? What Mr.A can do to think like Mr.B is to see the goal ahead, the purpose of this and what needs to be done. If designers think like Mr.A, they will be limiting themselves to a number of subjects. “I can’t draw ghosts, they are too scary!”. This is the design industry we are talking about, and by design, it includes entertainment and there are a lot of subjects.

Secondly, we thrive on constructive criticism. Yes, you heard correctly. Not just plain criticism without any valid reason behind that (you can disregard that person as talking crap). In order to improve, we need to swallow whatever pride we have and understand where the critic is coming from. You may or may not agree with the person’s opinion, but keep all opinions in mind and do what suits you best.

However, there are also critics that go like this: “This looks weird but I am not sure why”. If the person does not know why it looks weird, ask them to point to an area where it is the weirdest. If that still does not get reduced to a more specific area, try to find out why it is weird. If the theme of your design is weird or abstract, then please disregard this.

If for whatever reason, you are on the other extreme (low self-esteem) and think all of your design sucks, fret not. This is where we thrive from good feedback lol. We all sucked when we first started unless you’re some kind of mutant genius.

A mutant genius like this:

Or like this:

Yes, I couldn’t resist. I’ll like you guys to check these videos if you haven’t already and tell me which you prefer (something like my own research).

What do these videos and all those that went viral (like Gangnam Style) have in common? They are funny, random, or unique in their own way. One danger of designing commercially is there is a risk of losing your own unique style while adapting to others. Flexibility and the ability to create other styles are good (It is important especially to do what the brief tells you to do.) but do not lose your own style.

How do you maintain that? Practice. It is something like not mixing work and play unless specifically asked to. How do you develop a designer’s mind? Practice.