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Heart and Star Icons (Freebie)

Hearts & Stars Icons

Hearts & Stars Icons (Freebie)

Merry Christmas! Here is a freebie for everyone, available for download at: Freebies


Clean 4.0

Clean 4.0

Clean 4.0 Flowers

Today is the day where the skies will be painted yellow.  Check out the evolved version at my portfolio.

World Map Sketch (Vector)


World Map Sketch

World Map

It is time for a freebie again! This time to celebrate the founding of Earth’s cousin, Kepler-452b, I have created a world map sketch available for download here.

Nature is Leaving

Nature is Leaving

Nature is Leaving

Enough is what she sees,

Through the night she flees,

Back to paradise,

Of Earth’s demise,

No more, just no more,

Everything that was her core,

Never ever to return,

As Earth was left to burn.

Before and After (2 years)

Meme Before And After

Meme Before And After

Original meme

Update: Full view please, thumbnail is blurry

So I stumbled upon this old image (2 years ago) and decided to redraw it. This time it is a vector illustration and a thoroughly different species :b

The full image and larger resolution is available at my portfolio

Lazy Garfield Quick Sketch 14mins

Lazy Garfield Quick Sketch 14mins

Lazy Garfield Quick Sketch 14mins

This was not the initial sketch/ illustration I had in mind for today but that is quite heavy artwork and will be covered in detail when I do actually post that one.  This is my first sketch done in Illustrator without any reference. I ended up wasting a lot of time adjusting the brush size and erasing since I am still quite new to Illustrator but better late than never. For this sketch, I intended to give Garfield a lazy and dumb look and yeah, not intending to follow the original design exactly. Enjoy!