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Unwind Doodle

I think this may be my first pencil sketch for the year 2017.

Inspired by the song Hugo – Rock ‘n’ Roll Delight


Heart and Star Icons (Freebie)

Hearts & Stars Icons

Hearts & Stars Icons (Freebie)

Merry Christmas! Here is a freebie for everyone, available for download at: Freebies

Untitled Illustration (Work in Progress)

Illustration in Progress

Illustration in Progress

I was determined to get out of my drawing procrastination. I started with the left image below:

Untitled Progress

Untitled Illustration Progress

I wasn’t sure what I was going to draw at first but ideas slowly formed, I just knew I had to start drawing something lol. I almost gave up to procrastination but persisted.

It slowly formed into the first image above but I have still not settled on a name for this, hence “Untitled”. This can be considered as one of the fastest speedpaint I’ve ever done. Still a work in progress, more updates to come.

Fatopia Work-In-Progress


Fatopia WIP

First drawing in months. Most likely buying a new laptop tomorrow. Finished illustration coming soon.

Fullmetal Alchemist WIP



One of my favourite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist.  Have always wanted to draw this but didn’t get to it until now. Find out what is happening here in the finished piece that’s coming soon!

Anders (Practice Sketch)



A practice sketch of Anders from Dragonage 2 done with pencil. I might be posting additional stuff today as I have not posted anything for the past week. Feeling somewhat rusty lol. I didn’t really like Anders in Dragonage 2. After merging with Justice, he has became too serious and grouchy.

I heard that Dragonage 3 will be out in late 2013 or early 2014 and chances are high that it will be an open-world game like Skyrim. It better be! (After seeing excessive recycled maps in Dragonage 2, I wasn’t impressed).

Elven Prisoner Sketch

Elven Prisoner Sketch

Elven Prisoner Sketch

Updated an old sketch, thought I’ll finish it to save my laptop some space. She’s an elven martial artist who was imprisoned and this image shows her trying to escape.

Dynasty Warriors Zhao Yun (Draft)

Zhao Yun (Draft)

Zhao Yun (Draft)

I had been playing Dynasty Warriors at my friend’s place yesterday and decided to draw Zhao Yun, the main character in the game.

Zhao Yun’s history: http://koei.wikia.com/wiki/Zhao_Yun

A coloured version coming soon.

Smell Six Senses v2 Quick Sketch

Mouse Smell  Quick Sketch

Mouse Smell Quick Sketch

Six Senses v2: A work-in-progress and quick sketch of a mouse for the human sense “Smell”.

London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012 WIP

London Olympics 2012 WIP

An idea/sketch I’m working on (epic attack of smiley faces). Might be completed two days later or so. Down with flu now, rats, cannot stop sneezing, almost finished a whole tissue box D:

I watched the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony two days ago and was fascinated with the lighting of the torchlight. What’s your favourite Olympic sport? I like most of them but some of my favourites are archery, badminton, basketball and basically all the sports that require fighting with one another 😛