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Wacom Intuos 5 Review

Wacom Intuos 5

Wacom Intuos 5

I received my early birthday present today. I had been using Wacom Bamboo for the past five years until it has been giving me problems. I wondered what was the difference between that and this new drawing tablet. I could immediately tell the difference when I started using it, here is a list:

  1. Writing on Bamboo is like writing on plastic whereas Intuos 5 has a more paper-like feel.
  2. I have more control over the strokes of the brush.
  3. There are plenty of refills for the pen nib and different nibs for different kinds of drawing.
  4. It has a wireless option which might come in handy in the future (of course, it needs battery).
  5. It has a touch option available.
  6. The medium size of Intuos 5 is much larger than the medium size of Bamboo. Slightly longer than an A4 but just right for travels. I only wished that the drawing interface covers most of the tablet instead of having so much extra space around the drawing interface.
  7. The grip of the pen feels steadier and it has much more pressure levels.

Let’s hope it lasts as long as or perhaps longer than Bamboo.