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Vampire “Angel” Speedpaint


After a hiatus from drawing,  here is a speedpaint (few hours) of the vampire “Angel” from the tv series.

Here is the work process:


Bonerider (52 Project)



Here is last week’s entry for the 52 Project! It is another speedpaint.

Happy Chinese New Year!

A recap of the first entry: Glamouras

“Songbird” Speedpaint


Songbird speedpaint 10 mins

The voice of “Songbird” Part 1

It all began since then,

Stumbled upon a foreign land,

Gasping for air, trying to live,

But in the midst of wolves to feast,

Singing this song, went unheard,

Wanted to return to its herd,

But for survival’s sake,

Had to remain in this forsaken wake..




Keep Calm And Domo On!

Keep Calm And Domo On Speedpaint 12mins

Keep Calm And Domo On Speedpaint 12mins

I have always wondered how one of my favourite characters, Domokun would look like with hair. I have satisfied my curiosity with this 12 minutes speedpaint!

Peccata Remissa

Peccata Remissa

Peccata Remissa

Remember this: Untitled Illustration?

I did not forget, it is now completed 🙂

This theme is inspired by the Vikings tv series (although I don’t really like watching it now)

I might update this post with an animated version of more works-in-progress.


Untitled Illustration (Work in Progress)

Illustration in Progress

Illustration in Progress

I was determined to get out of my drawing procrastination. I started with the left image below:

Untitled Progress

Untitled Illustration Progress

I wasn’t sure what I was going to draw at first but ideas slowly formed, I just knew I had to start drawing something lol. I almost gave up to procrastination but persisted.

It slowly formed into the first image above but I have still not settled on a name for this, hence “Untitled”. This can be considered as one of the fastest speedpaint I’ve ever done. Still a work in progress, more updates to come.

FMA Brothers Speedpaint

FMA Brothers Speedpaint

FMA Brothers Speedpaint

Time taken: 1hr 31mins

Angry Bird Speedpaint 13mins

Angry Bird

Angry Bird


Kikumaru Eiji (Prince Of Tennis) – Speedpaint

Kikumaru Eiji Prince of Tennis

Kikumaru Eiji

I sprained my ankle from basketball yesterday and could not move around much today. So, I decided to resume drawing or rather a speedpaint.

Kikumaru Eiji from Prince of Tennis.

Here’s the original version:


Hercules Speedpaint (1hr 39mins)

Hercules Speedpaint

Hercules Speedpaint

Speedpaint of Hercules. I miss watching 2D animations by Disney.

Trying out a different kind of painting style for the very first time; done in Photoshop. A comparison of many drawing styles coming up next.