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Six Fanarts Challenge

6 Fanarts: Cloud, Meve, Lisa Simpson (teenager), Ao Bing, Nezha and Sailormoon. Drew these to rekindle my passion in drawing, not exactly successful but moving on!

I love drawing underdogs having a banter.

#sixfanarts #sailormoonredrawchallenge

Vampire “Angel” Speedpaint


After a hiatus from drawing,  here is a speedpaint (few hours) of the vampire “Angel” from the tv series.

Here is the work process:


“Songbird” Speedpaint


Songbird speedpaint 10 mins

The voice of “Songbird” Part 1

It all began since then,

Stumbled upon a foreign land,

Gasping for air, trying to live,

But in the midst of wolves to feast,

Singing this song, went unheard,

Wanted to return to its herd,

But for survival’s sake,

Had to remain in this forsaken wake..




Peccata Remissa

Peccata Remissa

Peccata Remissa

Remember this: Untitled Illustration?

I did not forget, it is now completed 🙂

This theme is inspired by the Vikings tv series (although I don’t really like watching it now)

I might update this post with an animated version of more works-in-progress.


Villainous Peter Pan (30mins Quick Sketch)


Villainous Peter Pan

Villainous Peter Pan

Gave myself a time limit of 30 minutes this time.

Peter Pan from a different childhood where he developed a survival instinct when he was forced to grow up.

I Will Return With Them (FMA)

I Will Return With Them

I Will Return With Them

WIP: https://ysfaye.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/fullmetal-alchemist-wip/#respond

Fullmetal Alchemist WIP



One of my favourite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist.  Have always wanted to draw this but didn’t get to it until now. Find out what is happening here in the finished piece that’s coming soon!

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Will you be like this tree? The tree that continues to grow despite its struggles for life?

Tortured Soul (Mouth Quick Sketch 16 Mins)

Tortured Soul (Mouth Quick Sketch 16 Mins)

Tortured Soul (Mouth Quick Sketch 16mins)

Tortured Soul (Mouth Quick Sketch 16mins)

Were there times when you want to voice out your opinions but couldn’t? Were there times that you feel trapped with no one you can trust even with the closest person? Were there times when you scream but no voice comes out? Were there times when you want to defend yourself with the truth except that no one believes you?