Les Miserables Jean Valjean Quick Sketch

Jean Valjean Quick Sketch 1hr 16mins

Jean Valjean Quick Sketch 1hr 16mins

A Les Miserables Jean Valjean quick sketch done in 1hr 16mins. I have not sketched with my trusty mechanical pencil for a while so this is good practice. I watched Les Miserables recently and I have to say, I have never cried so much in a movie as such before. Stunning performances, all of them. Just remember to bring tissue boxes with you when you want to watch it.

I went in the cinema not knowing what to expect; well I knew that Anne Hathaway’s going to be in it but she turned out to be a sidekick lol.

On a side note, my illustration’s still ongoing, stalled a bit but I will eventually finish it sooner or later!

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